Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ceramic Birds

I am obsessed with making ceramic birds. It all started with this guy, for a project based on dreams (This is Buddy, who disturbs my dreaming.)
He was trouble in this form too, let me tell you! First, I painted him with underglaze, then used high fire. yellow salt and "clear" (which was actually nasty gray.) This sucked. I then tried doing a coat of light green lowfire. This came out matte and U-G-L-Y. Then I fired him a fourth (!) time, during which I painted on more lowfire green, with a layer of lowfire clear, and then popped him in the raku kiln. And FINALLY he came out good! Darn it, Buddy!!
Then I made his mini brethren
and then I made my personal totem, a sparrow!
Many more birds are in the kiln at the moment, I'll post them soon. caw caw Cady

1 comment:

chris said...

Your little brother is soooo cute!
I love him!