Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rag Rugs!

Hey Everyone! So I *finally* uploaded my pictures from my end of semester critique in weaaavvvinnnnggg and I thought you might like to see my rag rugs!

This was my final project for my beginning weaving class, and I really enjoyed the process. I spent about 8 hours or so cutting the fabric into strips while listening to "This American Life" ... The rugs are entirely made of old clothing and bed clothes from the Dollar-A-Pound at The Garment District here in Boston. I think overall to make all three cost me around $30 - Not too shabby!

I used a tapestry inspired technique to lay the colors into designs - I think there's a lot of potential in this kind of rug making. It's kind of like the quicker, bigger way to make interesting tapestries! Which is super if you like to see results fast, like I do :)

Anyways, I'll check in again soon, so sorry for the hiatus!

xoxo Cady

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doingitall said...

Wow! absolutely beautiful!
Can you teach me? I have a floor loom, but limited idea how to use it for rag rugs.